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Apple Strudel

A strudel is a rolled, layered pastry that originated in Hungary. Here we take advantage of commercial phyllo dough to make a very flaky pastry with tart apples. It is much lower in fat than other desserts, and it will be savored by many right down to the last bite.
A sample of Judy's Favorite Recipes. Click here for the full recipe with photos and nutritional info.

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A sample of Judy's Favorite Recipes. Click here for the full recipe with photos and nutritional info.



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So many recipes simply state: "serves 4" without really describing what a serving is (ounces, pieces, cups?) This is very frustrating. Thanks for including that in yours. - Julia E. Salomon, MS, RD. Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Educator

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Do New Studies Refute the Benefits of Reducing Salt?

The claims being made by the authors of the two PURE articles are troubling because the preponderance of credible scientific data continues to show that elevated BP is the single greatest CVD risk factor in most populations. Data from controlled clinical trials show that dietary salt in excess of 1,500 mg/day is the #1 dietary cause of elevated BP.

Dr. Oz and Congress

Why has Congress decided to expose Dr. Oz as a promoter of numerous questionable supplements? Could it be because there really is little that the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) & Federal Trade Commission (FTC) can do to prevent the promotion of questionable products? Why can't these regulatory agencies stop the promotion of these products by Dr. Oz and similar personalities?

Nutrition “Insurance” Doesn’t Pay

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recently reviewed three controlled clinical trials of the impact of taking a multivitamin supplement and also another 24 trials of single or paired vitamins versus a placebo.

Banish the Belly Bulge

With 2 out of 3 adults (1 out of 3 children) in America who are overweight and/or obese, bulging bellies seem to be a fact of life.

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